It has been widely applied in transport safety packaging for its special texture and high anti cushioning performance.Due to its components of high macromolecular synthetic polyester,it can well bind and fix scattered bundles of goods,making their transport more secure and fast.





Anpack composite strapping is made from polyester yarns which are embedded with a polypropylene coating.

The high tenacity polyester yarns are the core of this product and are what provides the tensile strength.

The polypropylene coating holds the yarns together and creates a product as strong as steel!

Some of the advantages that make this strap so popular and such as great alternative are:

1. It is just as strong as steel strapping

2. It is easy to handle and is extremely safe

3. This strap absorbs shock and will not recoil when broken or cut

4. It does not rust or stain the products that it is used on.

Not only that, but it's a lighter product making it easier to handle and the soft edges mean you do not need to be concerned about cuts and abrasions.

Wire buckles are the most economical solution for all our strapping systems up to 32mm. When using wire buckles it is vital that the belts are applied in the correct way and that the system is tensioned on the buckle's right(left) side. Cheap tools or inappropriate handling can damage strapping or lashing belts and make the whole system ineffective.


Safe to Use

Easy to Use

Delicate Packaging

Resistant to All Weather Conditions

Excellent Elongation and Elastic Memory

High Joint Efficiency

Application with Low-Cost Hand Tools

Item Strap Width Linear Strength Systerm Strength Meter Per Coil Coils on Pallet
JC40 13 mm 300 kgs 480 kgs 1100 m 90/108
JC50 16 mm 425 kgs 685 kgs 850 m 90/108
JC55 16 mm 550 kgs 920 kgs 600 m 90/108
JC60 19 mm 475 kgs 760 kgs 600 m 90/108
JC65 19 mm 625 kgs 1000 kgs 500 m 90/108
JC85 25 mm 785 kgs 1250 kgs 500 m 90/108
JC86 25 mm 925 kgs 1500 kgs 450 m 90/108
JC89 25 mm 1200 kgs 2000 kgs 400 m 90/108
JC105 32 mm 1500 kgs 2600 kgs 230/250/300 m 90/108


We also produce some special colors such as green,yellow or any colors you may want it to be. Besides, we can also print your brand logo on the strapping as per customer requirements. Just contact us and tell us your demand. We will provide excellent OEM service.


Anpack strapping solution is the best protection for large,bulky and heavy cargo when the goods are in the container shipping or road transportation. It is fast to apply, shock absorbent and resistant to rust or hot. Due to its high abrasion protection,it is well suited to hold down products with rough surfaces and edges. You will find this is your best choice for your cargo security.

We look forward to working with you for mutual benefit.

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